How To Get Top Spot SEO Positions This Week


Did you know that it is easy to get top spots in the search engines if you know how to produce the right content? These could be articles that you will post on your website, or it could be videos that you are uploading to your YouTube channel. You simply need to know how to make this content and also choose the proper keywords to get you into those positions. There are so many individuals that are ready and willing to achieve top spots, yet they failed to get there because they miss out on a couple final steps. By following these instructions, you can get Top Spot SEO positions this week by following this simple pattern.

A Brief Overview Of SEO 

Search engine optimization is simply a marketing technique. When the Internet was first introduced to the general public, and the search engine was created, this type of marketing was born. Search engine optimization means that you are creating websites, posts, pages, and videos that the search engine algorithms are searching for. The reason they are looking for this information is either they do not have enough content to display in their results, or this is a trending topic at that particular moment. Although you could consistently add content about topics where there is very little information, to get the best results possible, finding top trends is the secret to achieving top spot SEO positions.

Find A Top Trend 

The first step achieving top positions is to find something that is trending right now. These are usually based upon new stories that are now occurring. People are looking for information about stories that have recently appeared on major new sites. As a result, they are searching for this content within minutes of reading the article. Once you have a list of trending topics, you will then want to do the keyword research.

Do Keyword Research 

Doing keyword research will require some type of software program or service that can give you the information that you need. If you use Google Keyword Planner, this can give you a quick list of potential keywords, but not the information that will be helpful in getting top rankings. Instead, you will need to use a software program that will tell you how many websites or webpages are currently ranking for specific keyword phrases. These need to be included in the title, description, and tags of each page and video that you post. Once you have that information, you will then want to make the content that is going to rank.

How To Create Content That Will Rank 

The content that is going to rank will either be an article that you will produce or outsource. You can also have a video achieve the same high rankings. Some people prefer writing out their own articles which should be a minimum of 750 words of possible if you are doing a video, try to make it a minimum of one minute in length. It needs to be uploaded to a YouTube channel. That is because Google owns YouTube and will rank its own videos far faster than others that are uploaded to competitive video platforms. Be sure to add the keyword phrase that you found for each piece of content in the title, tags, and description.

How To Achieve Top Spot SEO Positions Fast 

The final step of the process, once you have posted your article, or uploaded your video, is to get a few backlinks. The easiest way to do this is to go to your Facebook page, and begin to share the videos and articles that you have posted. If you have done a good job on this content, and it is on a trending topic that people are looking for, they are going to share this with people following them. This is by far the fastest way to not only get backlinks from this social media site, but it will also get visitors to go to your content or video.

How To Monetize This Traffic 

Monetizing this traffic is another step you can take. If you simply wanted to rank content and videos for keyword phrases, you now know how to do that consistently. However, there has to be a reason for you to do this. For most people, it’s all about making money. You can post AdSense ads on your website that people can click, or you could add links to your YouTube videos that will lead to affiliate programs. Either way, you can monetize the traffic coming in, especially if you are sending them to something that is related to the post or video you have created.

How Long Will Your Rankings Last? 

Rankings tend to only last for a few days at best. It depends on how much other content is out there. For example, if you are posting a video on a topic where there are only two or three other videos that are similar, you will likely stay in the top position for quite some time. If you are entering into a competitive field, then your initial rankings may only last for a few hours. That’s why building backlinks is necessary if you want to achieve and maintain top positions. One other thing that can help maintain your rankings is to update the content and videos that you are producing. If you are updating the content, adding more content to your post is one way that you can get this done. If you are trying to update your videos, you will want to create additional videos and link them all in a chain. Once the first video is done, this will take them to the next video which will help you maintain these positions.

These simple tips on how to get top spot SEO positions quickly will likely help you generate some revenue. If you can monetize these articles and videos that you post, you can do this on a consistent basis. You may want to build an authority site where you are not only posting your content, but also in betting the videos that you are creating. By doing this, you will be ready to move forward toward generating consistent passive income on the web by doing nothing more than achieving top positions using the search engine optimization strategies.