How the World of SEO is Evolving

SEO specialists and experts in digital marketing across the world have come across many changes and experience over the past few years to SEO. These changes have had significant contributions to how SEO has shaped and evolved during this time. The internet world has become more useful to the user audience with these many changes. SEO will continue to change. What drives a business to grow is revenue, but what makes a business grow is through SEO techniques with the flow of online digital marketing. Earlier SEO, was all about building profile links, content with keywords, sometimes unethical means. With SEO evolving it has brought about new trends and the algorithm update by Google. It is about providing the user with a positive experience.

On Page Optimisation  

Many things have changed when performing on-page optimisation. In the old days, you were limited to 2-5 keywords per URL and optimising the page elements like meta description and the title for these keywords. Now a page can rank for many keywords related to the page and not just the keywords for which you optimise the page. This content will full fill the needs of what the user is looking for giving a better user experience.


Links are a significant factor in determining your SEO rankings. Link building has changed a lot over the years. In the old days, it was all about the quantity of links, the more links to your site the better. Nowadays it is all about quality. Search engines like to see natural links with a good mix of link types, follow no follow, branded anchor text, keyword rich text, and much more. High-quality links will add more value to your SEO rankings in the long term.

Relevant Content   

Good quality content mixed with SEO is essential. Poor content will not be much use to when it comes to trying to rank your website. Content isn’t limited to blogs, articles, etc., it also works with videos and photos too. Content marketing strategies that are effective will appeal to target users. Most top SEO agencies provide this service.

Devices  (h2) 

In the old days, it was all about desktops which were the main device to search on the internet. Today, the mobile phone has quickly become the main way to consume content and to search on the web. It is important for SEO to optimise the mobile experience, particularly apps and also ensuring that the web pages load quickly.

Page speed is important   

You could lose nearly half your visitors if your website takes longer than 2-3 seconds to load. Many consumers at least 47% will expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. Prioritising a web page loading speed is essential to website visitors. Page speed has become an enabler for conversions, effects on rankings, and user experience. Google has started using mobile page speed as a ranking factor in its mobile search results. Fix your website speed issues and also optimise your mobile site.